Brand Partners

Hardy Facepaint Brand Partners are passionate and dedicated beings. They understand our mission to not only create the best face paint, but to portray the true meaning of hunting in a responsible and ethical manner. With their help, our face paint has become one of the best on the market. They are the ones that began testing our face paint on their own long before we asked them to join the team. They decided that this was the only face paint they would wear. They are not paid to endorse our product. They use it because they know it's the best and it works.

How do I become a Hardy Facepaint Brand Partner?

We seek you out. We've heard your name from hunters we respect. We've heard your stories and seen your photos on social media. You inspire those around you to not only hunt but to hunt with ethics, morals and responsibility. You are true hunters and appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to experience God’s creation and providing for your family.

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