We are Brian and Mariah Hardy, creators of HARDY FACEPAINT and avid, responsible hunters just like you.

Brian had always used facemasks, preferring the convenience of masks to the mess and trouble of paint. However, all of that changed the first time Brian went bowhunting in Kansas, the ultimate whitetail hunting state. As a big buck came into his line of sight, Brian drew back on his bow only to have his facemask catch on his release! There was nothing for him to do except draw down and watch as the buck of a lifetime walked away. Determined to never experience a facemask mishap like this again, Brian purchased every face paint product on the market. No matter what he tried, the paint ended up feeling greasy, messy, and itchy. Some of the products smelled like crayons, and as any good bowhunter will tell you, it is imperative to be scent free on the hunt.

Mariah had never liked facemasks, as they would constantly ride up on her face and hindered her shooting. However, as someone with sensitive skin, she didn’t have the option of using harsh and irritating face paints. Not only that, but Mariah is also a safe cosmetic advocate who lives a wholefood and organic lifestyle, so the toxic and harmful ingredients of face paint were not only impractical for her, but also in conflict with her values.

Brian and Mariah became increasingly frustrated trying to find a camouflage face paint that was not only made with quality ingredients, but was also effective, safe, gentle, and easy to both apply and remove. After exhausting all of the existing options, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

They left no detail unconsidered when creating HARDY FACEPAINT. They thought about what hunting face paint would ideally look, smell, and feel like. They researched ingredients, safety, and effectiveness, as well as ease of application and removal. They essentially dreamed up a hunter’s perfect face paint, and engineered HARDY FACEPAINT to be exactly that. 

Formulated with FDA approved ingredients, HARDY water based face paint is lightweight, yet effective and breathable, yet durable. This non-comedogenic formula can be applied easily and smoothly with the no mess brush wand applicator or with fingertips. Paint removal is done simply with a moist towel – no scrubbing or harsh removal agents required.

Brian and Mariah are pleased to offer camouflage face paint in three useful colors, suitable for a wide variety of terrains. The scent-free black paint is ideal for use as athletic eye black as well.

There is truly no other face paint on the market like HARDY FACEPAINT. Designed by hunters, for hunters, this product is the one you’ve been looking for. In fact, Brian and Mariah guarantee that once you hunt with HARDY FACEPAINT, you’ll never hunt without it again!

Please check out the FAQ page for more information, peruse the customer reviews, or feel free to contact Brian and Mariah with any questions. They would love to hear from you!



Brian and Mariah Hardy



HARDY Facepaint is a proud supporter of hunting and wildlife conservation groups, donating a portion of each sale to help restore, protect, and conserve public and private land to ensure a healthy and thriving habitat for Earth's beautiful animals. All proceeds will be divided between the organizations listed below: Ducks Unlimited, United Waterfowlers Florida (our home state!). For more information, click on each individual organizations logo below.

Did you know....Outdoor sportsmen are overwhelmingly the largest source of conservation funding in the United States. Funds generated by license fees and federal excise taxes on outdoor gear pay for private and public lands by an overwhelming margin.